Goblin no Suana Episode 2

1 year ago

In the realm of adult anime, a new series has emerged that has captivated audiences with its unique blend of fantasy and eroticism – “Goblin’s Den”. This series, based on the popular doujin game by Peperoncino, known for creating extreme erotic fantasy games, takes viewers on an extraordinary journey into a world filled with goblins and their desires.The story revolves around a novice witch who, despite her inability to use magic, finds herself in a predicament. She is captured by a group of goblins, and her small body is violated by the goblins’ large ‘thing’. As she is subjected to this torment, her despair gradually transforms into the joy of becoming a mother.“Goblin’s Den” is set in a peaceful village, where a novice witch named Jaida arrives. Life in this tranquil countryside is disrupted when a horde of terrifying goblins suddenly invades. “This wasn’t supposed to happen…” Jaida laments as she is captured by the goblins. Despite being a witch, Jaida is still an apprentice and is unable to use her magic to escape.She is violated by a mutant goblin with a massive body, and she can do nothing but cry out in despair. She becomes pregnant, gives birth, but the cycle doesn’t end there. The violation continues, and Jaida’s spirit reaches its limit. However, she eventually comes to know the joy of motherhood.“Goblin’s Den” is not just an anime series; it’s a deep dive into a world of fantasy and desire. As Jaida navigates her way through this world, viewers are invited to join her on this journey, witnessing her transformation from a novice witch to a mother.