No Waifu No Life! Episode 2

1 week ago

“Mom Friend Sex Teaching” Shizuku Hagisato, the mother of Yoshi-kun, who lives next door and often comes to play.
She is so erotic that it’s hard to know where to look, and there are rumors that she is doing something extreme behind the scenes. Kazu secretly thinks of Shizuku and indulges in masturbation day and night. Shizuku, who is in the midst of puberty, gets an erection just by having her breasts pressed against him, and when they are alone…

“My Personal Close-Up Sex Maid” In the Mochizuki household, you must designate a maid when you reach a certain age.
Reiji welcomes Fumi, who has been taking care of him the most since he was a child, as his personal maid. Fumi is
an adult woman with a husband. She is a little absent-minded, so they are close.
When he comes home from a hard day’s work, his erotic appeal is so intense that he reaches the limit of his ability to maintain his sanity. In fact, it is customary for personal maids to engage in sex, and using the master-servant relationship as an excuse, his relationship with the mere maid deepens even further.

Includes “Mom Friend Mating Teaching” and “My Exclusive Close-Contact Mating Maid” from the original “NO Dirty Woman NO LIFE!”