Roshutsu-kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea Episode 2

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Description: Touka Mizumori, a beautiful female college student who started her activities as a magical female college student Christia. However, she knew that in order to use magic, she needed emotions such as shame and pleasure in order to accumulate magical power… As a result, Touka was attacked by enemy monsters every time! Sometimes she spends all day having sex, sometimes she plays female dogs on campus, and sometimes she acts as an open slut in the city! Tohka’s embarrassment also accelerates in the lively gallery! Touka and her Kokou are steadily defeating her enemies. Finally cornering her last opponent, she triumphantly launches a battle. “Come on Touka-chan, get fucked like always!” They don’t know yet. The fear of the final enemy… You can’t stop playing perverted monsters!? Charge up your magical energy with shame and pleasure! I might not be able to cancel my transformation from being an exposed magic college student?