Goblin no Suana Episode 4

8 months ago

Sayuki is a female samurai who came across the sea from a distant foreign land. She has beautiful eyebrows and an outstanding female body that attracts men, but her true nature is that of a beast.
She was truly a master sharpened like a katana, on a journey of warrior training aiming to reach the top of the world. Please don’t make me any more excited.” But to the goblin, the other person’s personality doesn’t matter.
If it is an excellent female, it will attack in groups and capture it without fail. Sayuki, who despised her goblins as weak, was captured and her pride as a samurai was hurt in a dark den. she remembers. She knows that she is helplessly a “woman.” The noble samurai is no longer there… Her absolute pride as a samurai is crushed by the goblin’s waist. What you can see through her panting, writhing samurai is her proof of being a woman.