Night Tail Episode 2

7 months ago

Night protects people as Nighttail, the one who defeats dream demons.
Although it was a bit embarrassing, I was able to successfully defeat the dream demon this time as well.
At night, tired from exterminating incubus, he comforts himself to calm his flushed body.
I’m at an age where I can’t control my curiosity even though I think it’s not worth it. His fingertips only became more violent.
If you do that, you’ll have naughty dreams. His strong curiosity at night recreates the play in his butt hole in his dreams.
Natural shame, endless interest in sex, and a sense of immorality that I’ve never felt before. She gets deeper and deeper into it.
By the way, haven’t you seen her anywhere in public? “Oh, it’s embarrassing to have to say that again.” Leave the thrilling night demon extermination to “Night”!
But…what should I do about the monstrous demons in the “night”?