Sakusei Byoutou Episode 7

7 months ago

It was supposed to be the first day of rest for Yamada, who continues to live a nightmarish stay in the hospital.
Kiritani, the current nurse in charge, treats Yamada carefully and kindly.
Yamada is delighted with Kiritani who not only extracts the sperm but also eats it.
However, upon hearing that name, Kurokawa suddenly bursts into tears and begins to talk about Kiritani’s true nature.
She’s a former Yankee and an evil woman who bullies, ostracizes, and chases down people she doesn’t like…
But these warnings don’t fall on Yamada’s ears.
She was caught up in the illusion of “ideal days” that had finally arrived.
Yamada soon came to regret it.
Kiritani’s demonic nature has suddenly changed.
Yamada can’t help but mention Kurokawa’s name.
Kiritani was so furious that he even made her a “target of sanctions” -!
“Fufufufu… scumbags have such ungodly and unseemly sex.”