Shunka Shuutou Episode 2

4 months ago

Miharu has been reduced to a second-hand item, and even though she complains, she tries to stop her from revealing her secret as Shiki tells her to do… as if
the pacifier in the nurse’s office, the broken melons, and the attempts to ask for advice are the enemy. Miharu, who continues to be sought after every day,
desperately tightens her sloppy and distorted face, which she can’t show to the public, and prepares to follow the next instructions.
During the lesson with a small camera, she masturbates live, and then uses the pacifier, and finally Miharu Kyokuchi desperately endures the ○○ practical instruction in the presence of Buck and other students
, and declares that she will not do it any more, but the last thing she does is that she is taken out in the setting
sun . It was a park…