Dokidoki Little Ooyasan Episode 3

2 years ago

Miyuri is a landlord who has sex monthly with the tenant of one of her beat-up apartments, Daisuke. Showing up in a business suit, Miyuri ends up helping Daisuke study. But, getting excited from Miyuri’s plump thighs covered by stockings, he ends up ignoring studying and getting a foot job from Miyuri.

Getting teased, he ends up being more forceful with Miyuri than usual.

Miyuri changes into a lab coat to give Daisuke a physical education lesson. Bad kids get direct attention from the teacher using her body. “Today we’re going to learn how to be gentle while having good sex!”

Swapping out a textbook with her body, Miyuri teaches Daisuke all there is to know about her dripping, sloppy pussy.