Hasshaku-sama’s true nature

8 months ago

It’s not the bewitching monster that people say it is. It’s a genuine evil that devours people’s misfortunes.The long awaited new work of Hasshaku-sama series. Originally, it was scheduled to be posted in July, so it wasn’t at the level where the author could get away with making you wait, but thanks to you, he was able to finish it.It is finished in a chaotic work that has all the abnormalities of Hasshaku-sama. Despite the fact that there is no visual horror at all, I think that you will be able to feel Hasshaku-sama the most terrifying in many ways. Those who are fascinated by monsters cannot be normal.the author think that this video alone is worth watching, but you can enjoy it more if you understand the story so far. Please enjoy the prequel as well.If you like this video, please press the ☆ mark on his work at fantia!