Kokuhaku… Episode 2

9 months ago

An adult gal with heavy breasts appears in the “gail fee NUR” label’s bulging maiden!
Hina’s energetic and erotic way of bullying the serious and cool Yuai from the back seat! From the explosive previous episode, the main character this time is Rio, an adult gal who can’t hide her overflowing eroticism as a balancer!
Hina’s brave and obedient appearance becomes even more lewd!
In addition, Rio, who is an adult gal, licks her plump lips with a mixture of regret, making her veins stand out and clinging to her exasperation, and licking her breasts in a negotiated manner is full of eroticism!
The ○○ teacher’s dick takes advantage of her desperation to help her friend and fucks her as she pleases!
Still, there is a secret that she does not want to know even though she endures it… The
“dripping shyness” from the breasts of a beautiful adult gal is so obscene that it deeply exposes the swaying obscenity of an immature beautiful girl!
Please enjoy the “maiden’s rush” from adult gals to seriously cool beautiful girls!