Kyonyuu Onna Senshi Dogeza Saimin Episode 1

2 years ago

Original: “Big Breasted Female Warrior Dogeza Hypnosis” Chikusho … I can’t do what you want …! “” (Rene)

The third installment of the popular fantasy hypnosis series based on Renesoft!
“ADV aiming for a harem of sake pond meat forest by hypnotizing strong and masculine female warriors” is
now an OVA on the label!

■ Story
“Chikusho … I can’t do what you want …!”

A stadium where strong players from all over the world compete, and the man at the bottom of the ranking has gained the power.
The strongest virgin warrior in the arena ranking!
A married priest who keeps fighting to support his family!
A dark elf who has been robbed of the forest by humans and vowed to take revenge!

The weakest man who can not compete in battle develops a hypnosis SEX game with them under the public eye!