Otogibanashi no Onigokko Episode 2

1 year ago

It is a story that everyone knows.
Alice wanders into a mysterious world where animals speak their own language.
Alice is pranked by a giant caterpillar and attacked by a pig, but she somehow manages to find her way back to where she came from.
‘It can’t be helped. Let’s go to the castle.”
Alice is still oblivious.
She doesn’t realize that the animals are attacking her, that she is making love to a clever gryphon, that the king, who is so kind to her, is only looking at her with a lecherous gaze, all for her own reasons.
Who is the crazy one, indeed?
This is a story that everyone knows.
But only you know how it ends. ……
One day, a beautiful woman chases after a white rabbit down a hole that leads to a strange, slutty land!