Renseijutsushi Collet no H na Shibo Shirage Monogatari Episode 4

1 year ago

Immerse in the gripping tale of ‘Alchemy Artisan Colette,’ where an adventurous trap character with a passion for intimacy attempts to seduce the heroines. Witness the alluring encounters as Colette, an aspiring alchemist known for her captivating buxom appeal, stands against the cunning charm of a trap character, a situation potentially more daunting than battling gigantic monsters! From a self-proclaimed genius magician lady to a busty alchemy artisan, the trap character’s lure is imminent.錬精術士コレットのHな搾精物語 第四話 お転婆男の娘クリス! 可愛い顔したヤリ○ン美○年!Experience the ultimate in fantasy erotica brought to you by the “Majin” label in partnership with “Aserora,” the charisma of fantasy squeeze story doujin circles. Enjoy the fully animated adaptation of the popular RPG game, ‘Alchemy Artisan Colette’s H-na Squeeze Story,’ marking the conclusion of this captivating saga!Join the characters, Colette and her mentor Priscilla, living peacefully in the mountains. Embark on Colette’s pursuit to become the world’s best alchemy artisan, gathering semen to exercise alchemy. Watch the dazzling buxom and voluptuous characters enrich the screen with their irresistible charm.The epic journey of Alchemy Artisan Colette begins now!DVD Bonus: “Before and After Cosmetic Surgery!? Notice my changes video.The Story: Alchemist Colette sets out on daily quests for the guild. However, she’s constantly pursued by Emilia, a self-proclaimed genius magician, eager to recruit Colette into her party. Just when Emilia’s persistence seems unbearable, the charming and seemingly feminine Chris intervenes. However, it appears Chris also has plans for Colette… ‘Why not try doing something naughty, just the two of us♪’ turns out Chris, believed to be a girl, is a boy! Will Chris’ feelings reach Colette? Watch the thrilling exploits unfold as the trap character who loves intimacy tempts the heroines. The busty alchemy artisan and the self-proclaimed genius magician lady face the imminent allure of the trap character – a threat possibly more challenging than giant monsters!