Rina to Ana

2 years ago

Alternate Titles: 里菜と穴(りなとあな (RJ235468) / Rina and the Hole

Ivory Tower studio - of FuwaKumi, Mix Peace, Nana's daily work fame - returns after 4 years of silence with a new work "Rina to Ana" / Rina and the Hole.

Rina is a "would-be" gal!

She often takes a cocky attitude despite her lack of experiences, and is now stuck in the playground and can't move at all! Then out of nowhere a depraved boy comes to take advantage of the situation...

Rina exposes her butt so defenselessly! But don't worry, she can't see your face!

Enjoy this situation which comes with a sense of guilt.

Voiced by Kaede Akino. Her moans alone is worth the watch!

Which side of Rina would you like?

We have also included a side-story as a bonus!