Sakusei Byoutou The Animation Episode 5

1 year ago

The legendary doujin CG collection by Squeezing Research Institute, titled “Squeezing Ward: Ejaculation Management Life in a Hospital with the Worst-Natured Nurses,” has been adapted into an anime. In the fifth episode, the protagonist Yamada encounters the fifth worst-natured nurse, Mochizuki, a timid and clumsy newcomer. Caught by the tyrannical Nurse Numajiri, Mochizuki and Yamada are taken to the emergency staircase. Perverted virgin Mochizuki begins Yamada’s ejaculation treatment as ordered by Numajiri, but…!Story: Yamada runs around the hospital ward at night. He’s been targeted by the tyrannical Nurse Numajiri and tries to report her extreme and cruel treatments to the head nurse. Yamada asks Mochizuki, who is at the nurse’s station, about the location of the head nurse’s room, but he gets caught by Numajiri. Numajiri takes Yamada and Mochizuki to the emergency staircase, where she orders the timid Mochizuki to perform an ejaculation treatment on Yamada.