Shishunki no Obenkyou Episode 2

2 years ago

Papa katsu beautiful girls appear on the maiden of the innocence “gail fee NUR” label!
A beautiful girl who earns pocket money by inviting her with a brand uniform on the show card! Namaiki virgin who is punished just because she has a friend who is a serious daughter who usually works for such a daddy activity!
A new brand beautiful girl’s daddy active girl is scooped up with an uncle stick !!
Namaiki virgin who was punished by daddy can not confess her troubles and can not refuse it Sticks, toilets, toilets, toilets, and punishment covered with toilets!
Namaiki’s virgin, who is driven by new anxiety because her JD sister came home, desperately tries to protect her, but there …!
“Shame to drip” from the body accustomed to further punishment for second-hand goods that were Namiki beauty virgins!
Please enjoy the “maiden’s rush” that is disturbed by the punishment daddy stick that is poured inexhaustibly!

Tsumugi, who keeps being pushed up by mom’s phone,
can’t refuse, but the limbs that are left untouched even feel like a daddy stick
… Tsumugi is obsessed with … but
seriously … Saki is
worried that he must somehow separate him from him, but the one who holds his hand tightly is …
Tsumugi who can continue to serve even when he returns home … … I’m tired of sucking on a hard stick that is forced to suck
me. It’s JD’s older sister’s poem that comes back there, and she used to be a daddy stick …