Tsuma ni Damatte Sokubaikai ni Ikun ja Nakatta Episode 2

9 months ago

The long-awaited OVA version of the married woman NTR comic drawn by Minamoto, a meat-hot ass author who depicts overwhelming sensuous beauty!In order to find out the truth about her husband who pretends to his wife that he is going on a business trip, Yumiko attends the sale in a lewd cosplay to find out the truth.
However, there is a rotor installed in her clothes… Her husband is unaware of his wife’s cosplay, and the low-angle shot and the trembling rotor bring her to the brink of climax!
What’s more, her husband, who doesn’t know anything about it, comes to the men’s bathroom where Kazuya took him…?
Yumiko can’t wait to fall in pleasure with the immoral NTR sex that is just about to be discovered…!